5 Reasons Consumers Will Embrace AI

In today’s chaotic time’s businesses & consumers rely on speed & efficiency when it comes to customer service.

Time is Money.

Businesses constantly attempt to improve their customer service levels and aim to retain their customers and ensure loyalty. The less negative feedback and less dissatisfaction the more businesses will grow their consumer base and up their profits.

This is especially true during busy festive holidays where stress is at an all-time high for consumers where they want to ensure the products they order or the information about the product they order is correct. The amount of time they spend engaging online to simply order something should be minimal and effortless.

That is why AI has become such an integral part of businesses today, especially when it comes to customer-facing businesses such as retailers, travel agents, insurance companies and the like.

Call centres are inundated with calls and the longer they spend on a call to correctly assist a customer, the more likely they are to lose another customer patiently waiting to be answered.  That is why businesses look to AI and Chatbots in order to assume a more proactive approach towards its customers. Therefore increasing overall customer satisfaction. For customers, self-service means greater control. Many customers embrace self-service only because they have become sensitive to poor service. The customer who has wasted time in a long telephone queue is more likely to turn to an always-available web alternative.

Based on an article by World Economic Forum there are 5 reasons consumers will embrace Artificial Intelligence.

“According to a survey conducted by Genesys in 16 key economies, the cost of poor customer service is estimated at $338.5 billion per year.”

“AI tools can speedily provide proper information to customer service staff, and improve customer-agent conversations without replacing them (chatbots have been shown to thus far lack empathy and problem-solving capability).”

“At the same time, digital voice-activated assistants could provide an opportunity for progress – just imagine you ask: “Contact DHL and find out when my order will arrive,” and your digital assistant connects to a chatbot, finds the information and gets it to you promptly.”

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