About us

hello, we are hi.guru

We don’t just enable better conversations through the use of technology – it’s how we built our company. We are passionate conversationalists and technology junkies.

Our story

Our story has its foothold in humble beginnings. Starting out as a small team of customer-centric individuals, we grew tired of the conventional methods of business to customer interaction. Within the evolving digitally-driven economy, we saw an inherent need to provide both businesses and customers, with an easy to use platform that could facilitate better communication,  fundamentally help businesses grow and retain their valuable customers, but equally delight customers, by making them feel more prioritized and improve their overall experience. 

At the start of our journey, we soon realized that there was a fundamental synergy and beauty in combining the power of AI and the wonder of human intellect, to enhance communication. We wanted to ensure that both businesses and their customers could converse easily, using the right tools and technology available. It was out of this need to birth a new era in advanced communication, that hi.guru was created.

Our team has grown but we all still share the same exuberant passion for understanding the customer experience, and building a platform that enables businesses to manage their customer’s expectations, and more importantly communicates more expertly, in the most convenient way possible.

At hi.guru, we are not limited in our offering. We offer diverse and innovative products together with our partner companies to provide the best communication solution possible. Our highly-qualified engineering teams are hand-picked to do development and integration, from low level chipset hardware development to advanced software development on state of the art cloud servers.

Global player

We draw international talent with engineering teams in the USA, Europe and Africa.  Our global presence allows us to produce innovative solutions, utilizing know-how, solutions and skills acquired worldwide. We are a medium sized player but large customers partner with us, such as, Vodacom, Walmart, LSI and ADT.

We pride ourselves on some core competencies

Product innovation; solution design, development & integration; application development; IOS, Android, Web, Cloud solutions; Security; Big data; AI; IoT prototyping

But enough about us—let’s talk about you. Whether you are a small business owner, or manage operations and communication for a large enterprise, you need an advanced solution that allows you and your customers to engage with one another more effectively.
Get in touch with us today and let us help you build a better customer experience.