Artificial Intelligence: How to Ensure ROI

The ROI of an AI technology can be quantified best when it is bench-marked with human workers doing the same job.

July was a big month for Artificial Intelligence (AI). Facebook has already announced in the past week that it will dramatically increase its investment in AI research and development to ensure that it doesn’t fall behind as a technolo1gy innovator. Amazon for its part at its NYC Summit 2018 announced new capabilities for its artificial intelligence machine learning and compute services on the AWS cloud including a way to build new models while Google Cloud Next ’18 conference next week is expected to lift the lid on a number of new AI initiatives.

AI Should Understand AI

All three companies, along with Microsoft, are looking to gain dominance in a market that is still only starting to grow. To do that they need to offer enterprises a way of using and incorporating AI into their business DNA that will not disrupt business processes and business strategies. What do these companies need to offer?

Pascal Kaufmann is a neuroscientist and AI entrepreneur and founder of Switzerland-based Starmind a technology which applies neuroscientific principles to AI development. It identifies experts on any subject within an organization and connects them to those fellow members of the organization who need that expertise most. Kaufmann said that AI, when applied to businesses, has the most impact if the following three conditions are met:

  • It is not a pure automation play, as otherwise simple statistics could do the job without AI.
  • The data set is made of both large and small data.
  • Self-learning algorithms should operate in a way so that they outsmart human beings, providing the foundation for a business case.

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