Building a Lasting Emotional Connection With Consumers = A Turn Up in ROI

Connecting with your Consumers

As consumers, we are driven by emotion when it comes to purchasing. We are constantly bombarded with images on social media, the news, and magazines on new and exciting products. Products that promise to give you whiter teeth, make you FEEL alive and adventurous if you buy a certain brand of car. In general, products that can make life better and sometimes simpler.

How Consumer Emotion Affects ROI?

The emotional connection to a product is what results in a sale. Businesses understand that to leverage ROI (Return on Investment) and to tap into that connection need to influence how people relate to their product or brand by invoking a positive emotional response.

Within the fast-paced world we live in, we have a constant need to have things delivered as soon as possible. We also want to have someone on hand to answer questions relating to a product or service. Gone are the days of waiting for the email or phone call from your service provider or product supplier to give you the answers you need.

These days, with the help of live chat and AI options, consumers can now get answers to their questions, order a product reliably and even query the status of accounts or orders.

Thanks to this unique functionality consumers feel more inclined to make faster decisions, buy more products and subscribe to services. They do this because they feel that they can trust a brand that responds expertly and speedily.

It’s not surprising that 95% of purchasing decisions take place in the subconscious mind which is overseen by emotions.

According to Harvard Business Review:

Emotionally connected customers are more than twice as valuable to brands as highly satisfied customers. To thrive in today’s competitive marketing landscape, it is no longer enough for brands and businesses to simply communicate what their products and service provide, brands and businesses must cultivate an emotional connect with their consumers that will ensure continued loyalty.

So how do businesses build this emotional connection with their customers and increase their ROI?

It starts by understanding their inherent need to be heard. Businesses must be responsive in their interactions with customers. By utilising a conversational platform like, businesses can communicate and conversate with their consumers expertly and efficiently in a fraction of the time. They can boost productivity and business growth and more importantly influence their ROI.

With emerging communication channels and technologies, businesses can now be a direct part of consumers’ messaging conversations which directly impacts customer engagement.

Utilising analytics to better understand customers’ needs enables a business to further enhance their brand and truly align their efforts to what it is that their customers need most.

The Platform has taken the hassle out of archaic forms of communication by allowing businesses to integrate their communication channels into one easy to use multi-channel platform.

Whether customers communicate via Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Telegram or Whatsapp, conversations are filtered into the conversational platform and can then be handled by either a Chatbot or a human.

This results in faster communication efforts and a happy customer who is guaranteed to stay loyal to a brand who listens and responds quickly and efficiently.

Isn’t it time that you take advantage of this successful technology and grow your business and retain your customers?

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