Creating Meaningful Customer Relationships in the Age of Tech

We review how businesses can use technology to amplify human connections & improve Customer Relationships.

“How can technology be used effectively to bring us closer to our customers rather than further away?” asks an infographic by digital customer experience platform CUBE.

The infographic explains how to use technology to amplify human connections. And that’s no oxymoron: Technology can help distribute a brand’s message in an authentic way and connect with customers more efficiently than humans can.

The graphic points out that 91% of consumers say they would reward a brand for authenticity. Yet more and more brands are implementing AI and chatbots. Those two ideas are not mutually exclusive: A company’s use of data and automation techniques can help customers get answers and resolutions quicker.

But, the graphic warns, adding technology does not mean removing the human connection altogether. Companies must be thoughtful about how they implement new tools and should always keep the customer experience the first priority.

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What does offer?

Our main focus at is ensuring that you as a business improve Customer Relationships in an expertly fashioned way whether it be through the use of chatbots, algorithms or human interaction. We have the best of both worlds, i.e technology, and human interaction.

The Result?

This ensures that customers feel valued and in turn are more responsive and loyal to your brand. We provide the tools to assist your business and staff in engaging with customers using the communication channels of their choice. As customers often times need a quick resolution whilst they are on the go, we enable your business to handle queries and resolutions quicker and faster.

View our features page to see just how we merge AI and human interaction successfully to provide the best service to your customers. You can also download our White Paper on Speeding up Customer Engagement.