Facebook Messenger & Modern Business

As most of us already know, we live in an expeditious paced digital age and businesses today cannot afford to ignore that having an online presence is an indispensability and having a reputable online presence is even more consequential. 

More and more consumers are using social media such as Facebook Messenger, Twitter etc to direct queries, indite complaints or simply just require more information on a product or service. It becomes increasingly arduous for marketers and businesses alike to manage all these platforms and still be able to provide prompt, efficient responses and ensure positive customer experiences.

Benefits of Facebook Messenger in Business

One such platform, in particular, that we will discuss and that is used widely in modern business today to facilitate direct messaging is Facebook Messenger. Launched in 2011, initially, it was quite an unknown but has become a firm favorite over recent times for businesses and consumers to proactively communicate with each other.

It provides 15x more engagement and 73% of customers prefer it over email or phone support. It also helps issues get resolved within a shockingly low 42 seconds.

With the development of the Facebook Messenger App, its become even easier for consumers to contact businesses directly whilst on the go. Rather safe to say that messaging is the ascendant form of communication in today’s society.

hi.guru and Facebook Messenger Integration

At hi.guru we understand the importance of ensuring your customers are responded to efficiently and promptly. Our aim is to help businesses grow their brand using our AI-Driven Business Conversational Platform. That’s why our platform easily and seamlessly integrates with Facebook Messenger.

Facebook MessengerBy integrating Facebook Messenger into our platform, we simplify your conversations by linking the messaging channel into a single framework, letting you and your customer focus on the conversation and the outcome. We also smarten your conversations by allowing your existing bot frameworks to communicate with your customer.
A few other key features and benefits that hi.guru offers with the Facebook Messenger Integration is that:
    • hi.guru is able to support multiple Facebook pages in a single account.
    • hi.guru can fully support Facebook Messenger bot.
    • hi.guru can efficiently direct messages to the correct agent for a quicker response.
    • Customers can easily send their location, video’s, PDF’s to help the agent understand their specific situation or query.
    • Agents, in turn, will have the ability to easily drag and drop information such as PDF’’s, video’s, helpful infographics and pre-recorded tutorials as well as unique product info, all set up in a knowledge base, which will enrich the messenger conversations.
  • With the help of built-in artificial intelligence and chatbots, hi.guru can also take care of basic queries whilst the agent can assist customers with the more complex queries or tasks. That means more customers are assisted at the same time.


In a nutshell by having businesses integrate Facebook Messenger into the hi.guru platform, it signifies that customers can be assisted promptly and responsively and agents or marketers preserve time as they have one platform to utilize in lieu of having to authenticate into separate social accounts to respond to queries. AI, Facebook Messenger and you, working together, expertly.

Try our hi.guru platform for FREE to see just how simple it can be to integrate YOUR Facebook Messenger into our  hi.guru Platform.