How Conversational AI Will Eliminate Common Frustrations

With the rise of Conversational AI and the likes of chatbots, we explore just how these useful technologies will make life better in most offices and even create work.

Using these incredible technologies allows employees to better handle routine tasks and equally frees up IT staff to focus on proactive measures that reduce security risks and network outages. It’s been a catalyst for change in numerous industries. Much like how Alexa and Google Home have changed the way consumers interact with devices and accomplish daily tasks, conversational AI will have the same impact for employees. Getting answers to questions and finding information via conversation will no longer be the exception.

For large companies with an internal service desk, survey respondents were asked to rate their satisfaction. More than half of the respondents stated that their organization’s service desk needed improvement, with only 21% expressing satisfaction with the quality of service and response times. Here’s what else we learned:

Happier Employees

As consumer expectations have risen in recent years, employees now expect the same level of service in the workplace. Maintaining the status quo is no longer acceptable — waiting an average of 24 hours for a first response diminishes productivity and leaves workers unhappy.

Modern enterprises are already using conversational AI to streamline internal processes and improve the employee experience. From simple tasks to complex support issues, IT leaders recognize the value virtual assistants bring to the service desk and are expanding their business use cases.

Offloading Mundane Tasks

The most common application for virtual agents in the service desk is automating basic, mundane tasks.

Conclusion: One of the biggest advantages of conversational AI is how easy and intuitive it is to use. It’s also one of the reasons why conversational AI technology has become so pervasive in our daily lives in such a short amount of time. The benefits of using a virtual assistant in the consumer space are now being carried over to the business world and eliminating long-standing frustrations in the process.

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