The Evolution of Customer Engagements

Why Brands Need to Leverage Visuals

Brand Communication

The way brands communicate with consumers is constantly evolving and, thanks to a boom in social and messaging applications, digital engagement has not only seen an uptick over the past few years, but it has also diversified beyond simple likes of the past to more expressive options.

Gone are the days of simple likes, thumbs up and double-taps. Now, our social channels and phone keyboards are flooded with Bitmojis, Memojis, emojis and more, allowing consumers to visually and graphically express themselves.

But the adoption of these various social engagements hasn’t been siloed to consumers. Brands have just as quickly adopted these same tools too because of their ability to more emphatically connect with consumers.

Whether it’s designing event-specific sticker packs to boost engagement and fanfare or leveraging features that enable consumers to weigh in on hot topics, brands have a vast trove of visually appealing tools to catalyze consumer interaction and optimize their experience.

But what’s driving consumer appetite for animated engagement?

In short, it’s the fact that imagery is more quickly consumed than text. Considering brands only have a few seconds to capture the attention of a consumer, visual engagements resonate more quickly.

For brands looking to explore the benefits of leveraging the power of imagery—be it videos, photos, emojis or stickers—on their social and messaging apps, here are some reasons why these tools have been so fruitful and impactful in redesigning brand-to-consumer visual engagement: Read More

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