Unleashing AI to Predict What Your Customers Will Do Next

Unleashing AI to Predict What Your Customers Will Do Next

Every business wants to ensure customer retention and understand their customers needs proactively. Read more on how to achieve this.

A Dramatic Shift in Marketing Measurement

Over the past several years, the marketing function has witnessed three significant changes that have transformed the profession so that it can better drive business results and enhance the customer experience.

  • First is the increased adoption of marketing analytics and actionable insights to measure success and help the organization compete.
  • Second, marketers are using data to better understand and solve industry-related problems and answer industry-specific questions.
  • And, third, marketers are making better use of artificial intelligence (AI) to make sense of all this data in order to take immediate action to engage with customers in the right channel, at the right moment.
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How does hi.guru assist in customer loyalty and retention?

At hi.guru we are extremely passionate about assisting businesses in retaining their customers, lowering their operating costs and ensuring customer loyalty. Whether you are a marketer or business owner we believe that the customer journey and ensuring its success and longevity starts from your very first conversation.

We do this by enabling businesses to streamline their communication with their customers by consolidating conversations with these customers into one flexible, mobile and multi-tenanted platform, that is easy to deploy and accessible from any device.

Customers can then directly communicate with businesses whilst they’re on the go and receive instant responses to queries directly using their mobile devices, no waiting in queues or being put on hold.

How do you keep a finger on the pulse of your customers today? How do you predict what they will do next?

By harnessing the power of AI to stay ahead of customer behaviors and journeys, marketers can easily derive key insights to effectively launch marketing campaigns and offers that delight their customers in a personalized way.

In a recent IBM study that surveyed about 1,035 executives, approximately 24% of respondents who are using AI today said their company employs AI to provide insights that help their customer experience (CX) teams make quicker, more informed decisions, resulting in a positive impact on their CX strategies, customer service, and marketing campaigns (source: IBM Institute for Business Value).

hi.guru allows you to monitor and optimize your engagement.

One of the key benefits or underlying magic of hi.guru is that we offer reporting and analytics to help you better understand your customers and how they converse and we do this by monitoring and optimizing engagement through reporting and analytics.

hi.guru lets you dynamically access your business conversations and outcomes, and tie them into analytics that powerfully impact your brand, operating growth, and view your customers journey.

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