AI Developments That You Really Need to Know About

Why should businesses need to consider AI Developments?

Artificial intelligence (AI) developments are regarded as one of the most impactful technologies in the world today. It’s transforming the way the world works by spurring innovation in every sphere of the planet. There are many advantages of AI, from the capability of making any function work faster to improving how the world runs.

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Artificial intelligence is omnipresent

One of the major reasons why AI is an indispensable technology is the fact that it can be implemented to boost the capabilities in almost every industry and business type as it adds efficiency and speed to operations and maximises productivity.

AI keeps evolving

AI is not restricted; it is continuing to evolve and is not limited to a particular field or area of function. Therefore, it keeps upgrading and expanding so that more and more people are able to make use of its tools and programs. At the same time, the techniques, tools and software development solutions linked to AI keep updating as well.

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To add to this, we highlight  – AI Developments That You Really Need to Know About.

  1. Just get on with it – “Understanding an enterprise’s AI maturity is the difference between a company that aims too high with AI and fails, versus a company that finds the best entry point to start with AI and expand from there,” says Joseph Sirosh, Corporate VP and CTO AI, Microsoft.
  2. Importing biases – AI learns its values from the humans that programme it. One big concern is that we are inputting data that replicates our existing biases. “We need to ensure we develop algorithms that do not stop people from getting mortgages because of the colour of their skin.”
  3. Human Resources – Humans are good at strategy and big pictures. But anything you can describe – and therefore programme – easily, AI will do. Businesses are going to grab the opportunity if it means a reduction in costs, predicted to be as much as 80%.
  4. Got a problem that needs solving? – There’s Wikipedia for general knowledge, Linux for open source operating systems and GitHub for code, but what is there for sharing knowledge of AI?

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