AI in E-Commerce – Predictions for 2018

AI has worked its way into countless sectors bringing changes to our everyday lives, specifically in E-Commerce.

2017 welcomed big developments in artificial intelligence (AI) technology. For example, companies like Pinterest, Google and Bing launched visual search capabilities, Amazon invested heavily in voice-activated systems like Echo and Facebook leveraged AI to detect mental illness.

While AI has worked its way into countless sectors bringing changes to our everyday lives, the online retail industry, in particular, has been significantly transformed by the adoption of these new capabilities. The acceptance and growth of AI in e-commerce this year confirms what I believe: that the shopping experience of the future — both online and in-store — will be dominated by AI tech for years to come.

AI Will Help Process (And Derive Value From) The Volume Of Visual Content Online

2017 could be considered the rise of visual search technology, but I believe we can expect to see even more AI tools emerge in 2018 as visual content drives more purchasing decisions. While big players like Google and eBay launched their own versions of visual search, retailers like West Elm and Target also added similar functionality to their own sites, proving that this trend extends beyond search engines alone and to any platform where visual content exists.

How adds value from visual content?

    Enhance your customer understanding.™ lets business & their customers add to the conversation through sharing of rich media; images, video, links, files, location, and voice are all supported to augment your discussion. This enables business and their customers to correctly identify issues using visual content and working through queries.
  2. A retailer as an example may get a query regarding a specific item of clothing they purchased and may want a different size, the customer can scan the price tag and the retailer can check whether there is stock availability based on the unique clothing item code on the price tag.

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