Customer Service and Modern Mobile Devices

How everyone’s pocket super-computer changed the face of customer care and service.

Let’s talk about customer service and technology. Most of us, whether we are business owners or customers ourselves, rely on our mobile devices to interact and engage quickly. Often times we need to either respond to a customer query via email or possibly a social channel such as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger or perhaps we are the customer and need info as fast as possible from a company.  Question is how do we ensure the optimum amount of customer care or customer service is given or received considering that we are always on the go. has a multitude of features to enhance business and customer engagement quickly and efficiently. Within just a few minutes you can chat with either a business or a customer and resolve a query expertly.

What Features Enable Better Customer Service?

Below are just a few of our unique features used to assist both customer and business conversations to flow more easily.

    Multiple channels, such as Facebook Messenger working as one.™ simplifies your conversations by linking your messaging channels such as Facebook Messenger into a single framework: we integrate your website, native app, social media channels, text messaging, and even voice into one cohesive channel, letting you and your customer focus on the conversation and the outcome
    Enhance your customer understanding.™ lets you & your customers add to the conversation through the sharing of rich media; images, video, links, files, location, and voice are all supported to augment your discussion.
    Handle multiple inbound conversations, seamlessly.
    Conduct multiple conversations simultaneously, enhanced through customizable process bots for simpler questions. Engage your team and resources across your conversations on the fly!
    Collaborate the smart way.
    Instantly involve and escalate customer conversations with and to the right people in your organization, to quickly improve the outcome.™ Smart Routing lets you manage the conversational spectrum effortlessly!
    Power your business knowledge with AI.™ optimizes your business knowledge, FAQs, and human engagement processes, by integrating them into our AI framework for a better business conversation.

customer service using mobile devices

According to Customer Think they agree!

Platforms like Twitter and other social messaging put customers in direct contact with companies. When people we care about message us with an issue, we get back to them quickly. Customers are eager for the same kind of care from customer service. Responsive service signals to consumers that a company really values them. In fact, according to an Aspect Consumer Experience Survey, 76% of customers say they view customer service as the true test of how much a company values them. Enterprises can’t afford to delay responding to customers. We aren’t put on hold when we message friends, so we don’t want to be put on hold when we contact customer service. If you wouldn’t do it to your friends, why would you do it to your customers?

customer service using mobile devices

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