AI to Restore Consumer Faith in Utilities

View an interview by Perry Stoneman, EVP and Business Head for Energy and Utilities at Capgemini.

Perry gave his insights into how AI and Robotics will improve the overall consumer experience within the Utilities Industry.

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Key points Perry Stone mentioned:
In the Utility industry itself, there’s a consumer expectation gap of 71% relative to other industries. Utilities industry has the worst customer experience relative to the expectation of all the industries. 3/4 of utilities have implemented AI and already see a 10% improvement in sales. 73% believe that the AI along with RPA (Robotic Process Automation), is going to be able to change customer experience and 65% believe it will reduce churn.
At one of our key factors is ensuring that businesses do not experience significant brand equity dilution and damage, higher churn rates, and lost sales. By using AI, customizable chatbots, and human interaction in a multichannel platform to enhance and augment the conversations businesses have with their customers, we enable both to focus on and improve their outcome.

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