Meet Our Software Developers

So many of us rely on the development of a product. Whether it’s a retail product that provides a certain function or a system in business or developed software technology that enhances a unique function and process. 

In the technology industry, software developers are highly valued and needed, they understand the basics of exactly how to create and build a system by something called coding.

To put it simply, think about baking a delicious chocolate cake, you have the flour, the eggs, milk, oil etc but no chocolate, without chocolate, it won’t be a chocolate cake. In other words, it won’t be what you wanted. That is how I would describe software developers, they are the core ingredient in the recipe. They are the ones who ensure that a system is designed optimally for its core purpose and that the final result is something that you want.

In order for developers to work their magic, one of the first fundamental skills is that they need to know how to code. A code is like a recipe you’re given to follow to bake that delicious chocolate cake. More intelligently, code is defined as the computer language used to develop apps, websites, and software.  And furthermore, Without it, we’d have none of the major technology we’ve come to rely on such as Facebook, our smartphones, the browser we choose to view our favorite blogs or even the blogs themselves. It all runs on code.”

Life as We Know It

In this day in age can you imagine a world without Social Media, Smartphones, Smart TV’s etc? Life as we know it would be dramatically different. Customer engagement and customer service would not have evolved and systems would be rather antiquated. Software developers and technology have simplified not only our lives but our business processes and how we facilitate engagement and conversations with one another.

We see developers as the men and women behind the scenes, but ever wondered about them? What makes them passionate about being a developer? How did they get started? Is it easy to code? And how exactly does one get started in learning to code and becoming a developer?

There are many websites that offer free tutorials on how to code but ultimately experience and an attitude of problem-solving is required to be a successful developer.

We asked some of our awesome developers here at these very questions. And this is what they had to say.
  • Why do you love coding and being a developer?

Hannes (iOS Engineer: I love solving puzzles and problems, and coding provides problems and puzzles to solve.

  • How did you get started in this field? Was it always a passion?

Andre (Software Engineer): I suppose when you combine the love of all things tech and a curious nature, the natural outflow is to dabble in some coding. Many new technologies and principles being developed these days come in the form of, or are made concrete, through software. So, by understanding and exploring the source code, you gain insight into that new train of thought. There isn’t really a limit to what you can create with software, given enough time and coffee 🙂 That’s exciting…

  • Is it easy to code and develop? What are the difficult parts?

Carel (Senior Software Engineer): Coding is the easy part, proper design and planning to accomplish sustainable, scalable, readable, testable code is almost impossible and thus there will always be something to learn.

  • When you have coded something and it works, how does that feel for you?

Jaco (Software Engineer): Depending on the problem,  I sometimes feel like I conquered Mount Everest

  • How would you suggest someone get into coding and what necessary skills would they need?

Carel (Senior Software Engineer): You could just start by doing online tutorials, but I would suggest that you challenge yourself by completing a Computer Science or Engineering degree.

Ferdinand (Software Engineer): As with most things just start doing it. Solve problems, have a personal passion project and keep going. Determination, personal drive and a desire to learn are the most important. Logic and reasoning are definitely required in this field.

At our team is passionate about development, and about artificial intelligence. Their knowledge, hard work, and experience are what makes not only a great product for any business to use to optimally enhance engagement, but equally a great environment to work in.

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