AI Summit Event

It was an exciting event with interesting discussions about the future of AI, Machine Learning, Customer Engagement and where the AI landscape is at the moment as well as how it will progress in the years to come.

Isn’t it remarkable to see just how far technology and innovation have come over the years?

Whilst AI is the way of the future, it will never replace the human element completely. View some of our tweets from the event, especially from the CEO of on the human element and AI:

View Our MD’s Speech

Our MD, Ingrid Olivier, was invited to deliver her thoughts and insights at the Innovation stage at the AI Summit on how customers and businesses alike can Speed up Customer Engagement through an AI-driven business conversational platform. Something we at are very proud to offer.

You can also learn more about and what we do by viewing our features page or by watching our video.

Here’s a snippet of what Ingrid had to say.