2018 Tech Trends in Travel & Tourism

View the 6 technology trends in the travel & tourism industry for 2018.

Technology is always evolving and growing quite rapidly with the help of Artificial Intelligence Innovators. Companies have recognized the value of having AI as part of their overall support team functionality.

The main aim of any business is customer satisfaction, even more so when it comes to the travel, retail, and insurance industries as you’re dealing with customers on a daily basis. Staff working with your customers need to ensure that all customers have a positive experience when dealing with your respective company.

The Why?

Word of mouth travels fast and with social media, complaining about a company is just a click away. It can cause a decline in customer retention and brand reputation. Companies simply cannot afford to have a multitude of negative feedback due to lack of timeous responsiveness to their queries and complaints.

Companies and staff need to be equipped to be responsive and diligent in how they handle all their customer queries and complaints.

The How

With the help of  hi.guru’s AI-driven business conversational platform, we make it easy for you to integrate your communication channels into one platform, ensuring that you attend to all queries and complaints seamlessly and easily on multiple devices making it flexible and easy.

Don’t just take our word for it. Read more on these 6 tech trends from traveller24 and see how AI and Chatbots can help your business improve quality and performance and decrease operating costs.

As quoted by Elena Mogos, Associate Analyst for Digital Travel & Tourism at GlobalData says, “Travel still revolves around meaningful human interactions. However, to be successful, companies need to create a balance between the technological innovations and the human element.”

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