Digital Channels vs Voice | What Do Customers Prefer?

We give you some insight!

Digital Channels have taken over the voice component when it comes to customers and business interactions.

Quick instant messaging and responsiveness is at the core of what customers want when it comes to query or complaint resolution. People are constantly on the go and having the ability to send through a message and instantly get an answer, has increased customer satisfaction as well as increased business productivity. Digital channels are the way to go to increase business and customer relationship longevity.

Within the Retail, Insurance, Telecoms, Hospitality and Contact Centre industries specifically, time is of the essence. Agents attending to voice calls are measured by how long a call resolution takes;  how quickly they answer teh call; they are measured on whether or not the query was successfully resolved or if it needed to be escalated and finally was the customer happy with the resolution.

Businesses cannot afford to waste time keeping customers on the line to resolve their queries. This wastes time and creates frustration for customers as well as business staff. Businesses need to implement flexible, mobile and efficient methods of digital channels of communication where customers can easily reach them and get assistance in a matter of seconds. offers just such a solution is a conversational tool and is geared towards seamlessly integrating multiple digital channels of communication into one easy to use platform. No matter what communication channels your customer use, they can easily reach you and you, in turn, can easily manage the conversations and resolve customer queries or complaints expertly, in one go.

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Some Food for Thought

According to HGS, This year, we will finally witness the tipping point where digital channels—email, chat, social, text, messaging—overtake voice in the contact center. Mobile-driven interaction management —in-app messaging, chat, SMS, and social—have become foundational components of an omnichannel strategy. According to Dimension Data’s global contact center benchmarking report, digital interactions accounted for over 42% of all interactions taking place inside the contact center in the beginning of 2017.

One consumer packaged goods client being serviced out of the UK receives 71% of all customer interactions from digital channels, and only 29% from voice. Included in these statistics are messaging via What’s App, which currently accounts for approximately 10% of the client’s volume. Instant communication will become the standard for exceptional customer service in 2018. Messaging is the new channel of choice. 89% of consumers want to use messaging to communicate with a business. There are multiple benefits to messaging such as the ability to send photos or videos between agents and customers, faster and more timely communications, and the ability to stop, start, and continue with the conversation at the customer’s convenience. These channels provide continuous threads of conversation that cater to customers’ preferences, and, as an added bonus, have documented transcripts that can be mined in real-time using text analytics.