The Evolution of Messaging Channels

IP messaging channels enables a high degree of engagement and personalization. Read more.

Engaging with Customers across messaging channels of their choice is vital for business success.

Consumer-focused businesses using rigid single-channel structures to engage with their customers today are experiencing significant brand equity dilution and damage, higher churn rates, lost sales and cannibalized revenue streams. That is why so many businesses are turning their focus to multi-channel platforms that can enhance and augment the conversations businesses have with their customers, enabling both to focus on and improve their outcome.

It’s common knowledge that customers today want to engage with businesses using the multiple communication channels of their choice; enabling a purchase, support, and engaging environment that enhances the experience and relationship between them. does just that! We enable long-running interactions with customers via different messaging channels and streamline them into one, easy to use conversational platform.

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A recent article published by ADWEEK suggests that the global enterprise messaging industry accounts for 2 trillion messages. In other words, enterprises send many messages to consumers worldwide each year. This includes transactional messages such as financial notifications from banks, shipping notifications from e-commerce companies, booking details from travel companies, order confirmations from retail companies and so on. It also includes promotional deals and offers from many kinds of companies.

Most messages are delivered today using good old-fashioned SMSes. According to various estimates, this accounts for $30 billion to $50 billion in enterprise spending globally. This means messaging is the essential lifeblood for enterprises and enables them to acquire, engage, transact and support their customers. Consumers find those messages to be essential to stay updated with their personal activities.

However, this sizable enterprise messaging industry is about to change significantly. Newer message channels are emerging with far greater capabilities—namely WhatsApp, RCS (Rich Communication Services), Facebook Messenger, Skype, Viber, etc.

The common theme is that these new channels are all based on data messaging using internet protocol, or IP messaging. These channels have enriched person-to-person messaging and are poised to do the same with business-to-consumer messaging. Today, the proliferation of many messaging channels gives businesses a rich variety of ways to reach and engage their customers.