How can AI Be Used To Improve Email Marketing ROI?

When it comes to ROI or Return on Investment this is always a critical contributing factor for companies to consider when they need to implement new software, new systems, create marketing campaigns and so forth. Companies often times spend quite a bit on marketing efforts to increase their online presence and visibility but if done incorrectly their ROI falls flat as their campaign has not met its intended purpose.

So how does a business or company ensure that they earn their desired ROI when it comes to their marketing efforts? How do they ensure maximum exposure and reach their relevant audience and how do they capture a readers attention?

Well for one, a company or business needs to consider what their customers need most and more often than not customer service and quick responsive action from businesses to customers queries is what every customer wants. Businesses need to structure their marketing efforts to align with customer needs and not the other way round. To truly grab a readers attention so that they engage with your campaign, creativity is key and more importantly are you delivering on what you’re saying.

At, we take the hassle out of having to manage multiple communication channels and ensure that your business can concentrate on attending to customers queries expertly and efficiently by introducing an AI Driven business conversational platform. Not only does this ensure an increase in customer satisfaction but it allows businesses to streamline their marketing efforts by having usable analytics that powerfully impact their brand and operating growth and understanding their customers better.

The Magic

  1. Simply put, lets your customers immediately reward you and your team through built-in satisfaction measurement bots, boosting your marketing strength and competitive differentiation. Accurately capture the feedback into your HRIS systems, enhancing performance review and employee engagement. lets you dynamically access your business conversations and outcomes, and tie them into analytics that powerfully impact your brand and operating growth.

Saul Lopez, Customer Lifecycle Lead at Virgin Holidays, recently highlighted why Virgin Holidays opted to bring AI into the mix, specifically to optimise their marketing efforts.

As well as challenging bias, the AI’s ability to learn over time (and monitor how specific types of campaigns perform) also means that it is able to adapt and be even more intuitive than a human might.

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