Smart Technology Digital Assistants Helping Industries with Engagement    
  • November 15, 2018

How Smart Technology and Digital Assistants are Helping Industries with Engagement

Smart technology

How Smart Technology and Digital Assistants are Helping Industries with Engagement

How Smart Technology and Digital Assistants are Helping Industries with Engagement 1012 759

A new way to engage with customers.

We realise that all these techy buzzwords can be somewhat confusing and as consumers if we are not in the tech space, they can sound like a foreign language.

The reality, however, is that we need to get more tech-savvy and embrace the 4IR (Fourth Industrial Revolution), which showcases how various emerging technologies are being combined to make life simpler, easier and reliable.

Where this is most prevalent is within the customer-facing or customer service industries such as utilities, retailers, hospitality, telecommunications, food and beverage, and insurance, to name but a few.

So how exactly do smart technology and digital assistants help companies, such as Utilities, engage with their customers in a more proactive way?

According to an article by Adweek, “To both better help customers understand their energy usage and use it more efficiently in the process, utilities have spent the past few years investing in emerging technologies that can help preemptively meet the evolving needs of consumers—and in the process also help the energy providers themselves.”

Hard to believe that almost a decade ago, before the Internet of Things (IoT) was a known buzzword, a Texas-based energy company owned by NRG, began installing smart meters in homes across central and eastern Texas to read energy consumption per house more than once a month. First was a weekly email to prevent “sticker shock” by showing a customer usage for the past week.

Later came a mobile app, and earlier this year, it debuted voice commands through Google’s smart speakers and thermostats from Google’s sister company, Nest.

Fast-forward to today, and the company can now collect as many as 96 readings each a day. Reliant’s algorithms also can tell when a customer has a major usage change—maybe the air conditioner ran out of freon or there’s a duct leak in the attic—and let them automatically know if something might be wrong.

Did you Know?

Digitally savvy consumers do seem eager for energy companies that are digitally savvy themselves. According to a survey conducted by Accenture, 88 percent of respondents are ready to interact with digital assistants, while 76 percent said they’re willing to learn about new products with the help of AI.

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Why not take advantage of the available technology such as AI, Digital Assistants, and Chatbots and change the way your customers converse with you?

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