What Customer Service Needs for Success in Today’s Digital Era

Success in the digital transformation era starts with providing the best customer service and experience.

How hi.guru sees Customer Service

At hi.guru we recognise the significant importance of customer service and directly relate that to the overall customer experience. We have implemented features on our AI-driven platform to enable businesses and customers to use multiple channels of choice when communicating.  By having unlimited Message aggregation, hi.guru simplifies your conversations by linking your messaging channels such as Facebook Messenger into a single framework: we integrate your website, native app, social media channels, text messaging, and even voice into one cohesive channel, letting you and your customer focus on the conversation and the outcome.

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Facebook Messenger integration

Insights from The Digital CIO on Why Customer Service Needs Artificial Intelligence

There is no hotter topic with CIOs than digital transformation. Going digital has become the primary mandate for IT leaders as companies look to leapfrog one another. When it comes to digital transformation, there is no single project that can take a company from where they are today to being fully digitized. Rather, digital transformation is a set of smaller projects that will eventually lead to the evolution of the company.

Although projects can vary widely by industry vertical, many of them have one point of commonality: They are focused on improving customer experience as that becomes one of the key differentiators for businesses moving forward. What’s critical for CIOs to understand, though, is that the focus shouldn’t be on slightly improving customer service; it should be on completely rethinking it, and that requires the use of artificial intelligence (AI).

Customer service needs a rethink in the digital era

Customer service today is largely reactive. An individual calls into a business’s contact center and needs to provide a wide range of information, such as name, address, loyalty number, contact information, and a description of the problem. If the agent can’t help, the caller is passed on to the next person and the process starts all over again. There are many problems with this, most notably it wastes the customer’s time and frustrates them.

Improving customer service isn’t about making marginal improvements such as reducing hold times. Rather, it’s about completely rethinking how customer service should work if enabled by AI. AI is able to connect the dots between a user’s activity and information and make the agent seem almost like Kreskin, as they can predict why the person is calling and suggest how to solve their problem even before asked.

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