Time to Enhance Your Customer Understanding

With technology constantly extending its reach into various industries and enabling businesses to gain momentum by implementing technological advancements, we want to know what this means for Customer Service and overall how can we leverage this to promote positive customer engagement.

We have the answer! At hi.guru we want each customer experience to be unique and more importantly, positive. Customers today rely on businesses to make it easier for them to converse with and have a friction-less experience. Customers do not want to queue telephonically or physically to have a simple query resolved, instead, they want the ability to easily connect with a business socially to assist. They want someone onhand immediately to assist them.

Businesses are beginning to integrate social media messaging with their existing interfaces to give them easy access to this important channel. Advances in messaging, such as WhatsApp’s up-and-coming developments and the rise of social media Chatbots also make it easier than ever for businesses to serve their customers through this platform.

hi.guru lets businesses and their customers add to the conversations through the sharing of rich media. Images, video, links, files, location, and voice are all supported to augment the conversation. Personal and efficient communication leads to more satisfied customers which directly influences a business’ bottom line.

rich media exchange

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