Why Live Chat or Web Message is Vital For Business?

With technology having evolved significantly rapidly and with the enhancements made in AI, it has become a predominantly faster paced digital world we find ourselves in today. Customers these days are also becoming more tech-savvy and equally expect a faster turnaround time when it comes to support, query resolution and online purchases. Customers are at the very heart of your business and introducing a conversation channel or web chat functionality to your website will ensure they are attended to speedily and expertly.

Statistically, research has suggested that the average response time for customer service requests on social media platforms is 10 hours. Response to Email queries is a staggering 12 hours.

Why hi.guru’s WebMessage or Web Chat?

With hi.guru’s Web Chat app, customers will be able to chat and get support within minutes. The hi.guru WebMessage plugin enables businesses to have real-time conversations with customers while they’re on the companies website.

Why Web Messaging? The Stats say it All!

  • Increase sales – companies who facilitate a web chat app see on average a 20% increase in sales conversions.
  • Reduce traditional operating costs – Having a live web chat option allows your staff to manage multiple queries at the same time. More importantly, live chat is more than 50% cheaper than resolving a query telephonically.
  • Ensure Customer retention and loyalty – Superb, prompt and reliable service ensure customer satisfaction which results in customer loyalty and retention. Live chat has the highest satisfaction levels for any customer service channel, 73% in comparison to 61% for email and 44% for phone.
  • Monitor and Optimize Engagement – Dynamically access your business conversations and outcomes, and tie them into analytics that powerfully impacts your brand and operating growth.

Key Features of hi.guru WebMessage

  • Mobile-friendly: Customers can start conversations with you from any mobile device or browser.
  • Welcome Assistant: Automated response support with ability to add routing option to customers that message and wait to be assisted
  • Bot support: This channel allows for both hi.guru and third-party chat-bot support to be added into the customers’ conversations.
  • Quick Response: Allows for quick response options for the customer to select when talking to a bot.
  • Quick Resolve: Allows the customer to select whether they are happy with how they have been assisted with their conversation query.
  • Media/Document Upload: Allows the customer and business the ability to exchange image/video and other file types within the conversation.
  • Analytics and History: Monitor visitor engagement through your Website and access full history of all past conversations.

Get the hi.guru Web Message Plugin for your WordPress Site today!